What we do

FinTech; which a contraction of Financial Technology, has become an increasingly “hot” sector among tech companies and investors across the globe. This growing sector has attracted investments at an estimated USD 12.2 billion globally in 2014 as well as interest in a number of regional hubs: Silicon Valley, New York, London, Stockholm, and Australia.

Fintech Business Solutions based in Stockholm have a dedicated team of business process consultants, architects, developers and technical experts that help your business to innovate, adapt and compete in a constantly changing technology landscape. As a technology solution company, we offer end-to-end solutions from concept and strategy to product releases that meets your objectives and works optimally for you. We deliver high value to customers by quickly embracing on domains such as Blockchain, Machine learning, High Performance Computing and Big-Data .

How we do it

Digitalization; the digitalization journey for our clients starts with us understating the business objectives of our clients and blueprinting the clients critical business processes and how we can in the best way possible digitalize clients workflow.

Automation; once digitalizing our clients business objectives, we will initiate an efficiency program by automatization of the digitalized business processes. We do perform this to achieve higher level of digital transformation and to increase service quality and to improve service delivery by contain costs. Our automation offering consists of integrating applications, restructuring resources and using software automation throughout the organization.

Artificial intelligence; once reaching the final point of automation our clients journey will  move to the next phase and that is applying AI to clients business objectives. We will be using AI techniques such as machine learning with support of HPC and Data to trainee clients solutions with big dataset to continuously improve results.

Your business will change forever with our innovative services.

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